As a scrum master, I put a strong value on the Agile Manifesto’s first value:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

Many development teams can do everything correctly, but if they don’t “know” the people on their development team, then they are not following Agile’s primary principle and will fail.
What do I mean by “know” the people? Well there are several questions that should be asked of the team structure:

• Do we have the right skill sets in place on a particular team to accomplish what they say they’re going to do?
• Are the team’s skill sets highly redundant or complimentary?
• What technologies are required to build this system?
• What do the people on our team know and what are they likely to figure out?

Poorly structured teams will lead to inefficient teamwork, excessive integration challenges, multitasking, low morale and other problems.


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