As I work on agile software development projects with new clients, I am seeing firsthand just how important trust is to the success of the projects. Clients who have never engaged in an agile software development project are usually skeptical and leery about the whole business. They can’t see past doing business without a contract or control over the project. Since agile is more about engaging in an open and productive dialogue, building trust is key.

We can’t earn a client’s trust just by talking up the great job our team will do for them. We have to provide an opportunity for the client to get to know us.

At BDCSoft, we created a jump start program to help educate potential clients in agile methodology. This allows us to walk them through the process but more importantly, it allows us to begin building a valuable relationship with them. This small jump start program also gives the client the flexibility to walk away if they decide the agile method isn’t right for their business.


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